Here is a very rare opportunity to own a beautifully restored Leak Stereo 20 by Graham Tricker of GT Audio.

This particular ST20 has been updated with some very clever circuit amendments so that its sensitivity is now 800mV instead of 125mV (full power), therefore it is much more flexible and can be used with a much wider variety of active preamps and TVC’s etc. The sensitivity update has been done so there is no difference sound or performance compared to the original circuit. If anyone is interested in having it kept in original spec, then it can be put back to the original circuit (125mV – sensitivity) at no extra cost.


  • 10watts/channel
  • RFT EL84 output valves.
  • Mullard GZ34 Rectifier
  • This is a 220/230/240v unit
  • Silver RCAs
  • 4mm binding posts
  • 6 months warranty.