3 weeks ago

Nice award at RMAF 2018.

"The sound through the system with Cessaro Horn Acoustic Wagner speakers and Tron-Electric electronics was alive sounding with beautiful tone and detail. The soundstage was holo-graphic with proper spacing"
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4 weeks ago

"I was sitting in the DeVore Fidelity room on Saturday afternoon at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest and while I was concentrating on listening to Brooklyn speaker designer John DeVore’s new Orangutan Reference system they completely disappeared."

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1 month ago

Jeffrey Catalano doing a great job in room 5032 at RMAF 2018.

Tron Convergence Phono, Tron Atlantic 300B Integrated Amplifier driving Cessaro Wagner horn loudspeakers.
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1 month ago

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Very nice...

1 month ago

Very interesting video and well worth listening with some good headphones if you can on the music pieces.For anyone who can’t make it to RMAF here’s a beautifully done video on the Orangutan Reference by Jana Dagdagan just before they shipped to Denver. It was recorded binaurally so wear your favorite headphones for best effect. ... See MoreSee Less

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1 month ago

DeVore's new 4 box 0/96 Reference loudspeaker... ... See MoreSee Less

DeVores new 4 box 0/96 Reference loudspeaker...

2 months ago

Nice... ... See MoreSee Less

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